Lay-out studies


Are you building a new branch for your company soon? Or are you planning an expansion? Then of course you want everything to run flawlessly and efficiently. That is why Brix Advice maps out your entire material flow during a lay-out study. Our logistic engineer asks 2 questions as part of this: how is that flow running today and how will that also runs most efficiently later?


Once we have a clear view of the material flow in your company, we project that to your new or adapted location in search of the most efficient flow. So for example, we critically analyse the processes for picking and storage and we also study the IT solutions.


lay-inWe are studying the feasibility of automated solutions, from simple systems to fully automatic solutions. Input that you can easily use in your business case. We also draft specifications and guide you in choosing the right partners and solutions. Partners who we know from an independent position .


Our favourite is to make a new layout before the first stone is laid or moved. Because we believe that only the best design is a good basis for efficient production or distribution.


And are you looking for a partner who helps you apply and implement all the advice correctly? Then Brix Advice can take care of the project management. With the establishment of a temporary project team that takes on both the implementation of the solutions such as shipyard coordination . In addition, we also provide clash detection and 3D scans before and after construction.


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