Process optimisation


Another tip for aiming to work efficiently: everything can always be improved. A constant process with which Brix Advice is happy to help you. In such process optimisation we map your logistical processes: production, picking, storage, packing, transport, …. With only one focus: how do we waste as little time, money and manpower as possible without losing sight of service and quality.


Together with you, we optimise the entire process and we teach your employees to be alert and thus to work even more efficiently – and thus more productively. We do that through work simplification, work measurement (MMO, time study, work study), SMED, 5S, OEE and so on.


proces-inBrix Advice swears by work simplification. That is a philosophy in which everyone in and around your company strives for an ideal work environment. Your company does more work than the energy it consumes. In short: you and your employees start working smarter.


Brix Advice helps you to apply lean management to your company. That ensures that your employees themselves provide continuous improvements. Because that is also working smarter. Lean management is a philosophy that alerts everyone in your company to keep looking for to improvements in order to create an ideal working environment. In a production, logistics or administrative environment. Both in work simplification as lean management, the focus is on greater results with less energy.


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