Security solutions


Do you have a company that produces or distributes goods which require that little bit of extra security? Because they are valuable, dangerous or because the law requires it? Then Brix Advice will take over that concern for you. And it will seek out the best security solutions tailored to your company and your products.


beveiliging-inTogether with you, we map out your production or distribution and we determine the best solution for the storage and transport of the products that you want to protect. Our security expert looks at, among other things, how to best secure your storage site. Consider, for example, obtaining the TAPA certificate both for transport and logistics that requires some serious safety standards.


Brix Advice also answers all your questions about safety and quality within logistics. With a clear action plan and clear follow-up. That goes from general safety projects to quality programmes like GDP and ISO up to security programmes for RA, Shipper and Forwarder or obtaining AEO certificates and the Known Consignor certificate. A big bite Brix Advice is happy to bite off for you.


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