Strategic studies


To have your company grow, you know best what your exact growth margin is. And logistics is automatically part of that.


During a strategic study, Brix Advice analyses the impact of certain choices on your logistics processes. For example, what is the impact of an acquisition on your infrastructure and profitability of your company? What is the effect of bringing together different logistics activities in one location? And is it a good idea to outsource part of your transport or to take a new look at your distribution network?


strat-inQuestions that you as an entrepreneur might wrestle with, but for which you have absolutely no time, or not the right expertise in house. That is why Brix Advice finds the best answer to all these questions for you: our logistics expert charts out the current capacity of your logistics network, looks at the feasibility of alternative solutions and examines new opportunities.


At the end of the process, you get clear recommendations and a clear action plan. So you know what to expect and what decisions are best for you to take. What is more: do you want to write up a Logistics Master plan? Brix Advice can help.


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